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The Building Process. Simplified. 

Lot Acquisition | Site Selection

NW Roots is ready to support you. Whether you are still searching for land, or already have plans in hand, we look forward to standing on your site. We are happy to review your site conditions for feasibility studies, or to support field work for remote designers or architects. We also review city and county codes and restrictions, easements, and impact and development fees if required.

Ultimately we understand that site selection is key to supporting your projects budget and design needs. We see great value in supporting your initial investment decision and providing you with a builders perspective.

Don't be alarmed if you see us squat down and grab a handful of your soil! We are just excited for you!

Home Design

At NW Roots, we love building homes. We pride ourselves on taking visions and designs and making them realities. From the start, we can partner with an architect or designer of our choice, or will refer you to our exceptional partners that fits your style and project needs. We are available every step of the way to collaborate with you and the design team to ensure your custom home is laid out functionally to your needs and fits your projects budget. The value of good collaboration during this process cannot be understated, here we are aligning your overall vision and need, and ensuring that we adding our industry expertise to make your build more efficient. We look forward to supporting you!


NW Roots appreciates cost. We value your investment and take it very seriously. We are able to provide initial pricing based on location and details provided by you. We are your partner through the budgeting process. Once we receive additional project information, we use current and recent pricing on similar projects to further detail the anticipated budget for your project. We maintain detailed financial information course of construction and provide a monthly Job Costing report demonstrating project performance. We have strong relationships in the lending community, and can provide resources for construction financing if needed!

Home Construction

The construction phase of your home is amazing. Watching your project take shape is why we do what we do. Through several communication methods, Web-based/App for tracking schedule and costs, email communication and good old fashioned phone calls and site visits, we appreciate keeping you informed through out the build process. We collaborate on the selections of the finishes of your home. Selections include, exterior materials and colors, windows, paint colors, plumbing accessories, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, electrical fixtures and more! We are happily involved through out this process and are here to support you! 

Project Completion

NW Roots takes handing over your home with pride. We look forward to ensuring we turn over a project that has been completed with great quality and care. After a series of internal inspections, we schedule a final walk through with you. At this stage, you can expect your home to be fully completed and ready for you to enjoy. During this visit, we will demonstrate the functionality of the home, hand off important documentation, and explain the warranty information.  Once complete, we sit back and admire the culmination of your vision! Enjoy your making your house a home!

On-Going Care


Once the project is complete, NW Roots Construction continues to serves you. Our homeowners manual provides pertinent information to contact us if you have any concerns, or just want to get together for a BBQ! We provide a three year warranty on our craftsmanship, though don't hesitate to reach out after that, as we are proud to be members of the your community and we stay vested in your home. We value your relationship and appreciate the opportunity to serve you. 

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